Postion  Brother  Email Abbrev.
 Worshipful Master Antonio H. Rodrigues  WM
 Senior Warden Matthew D. Cerullo  SW
 Junior Warden J. Ryan McNelis  JW
 Treasurer James E. Lapastora, PM  T
 Secretary Michael D. Picard, PM  S
 Chaplain Ronald P. Reed, RW Past Grand Mar.  C
 Senior Deacon Rowan A. Gottschalk, PM  SD
 Junior Deacon James M. Capron  JD
 Senior Steward Jamie Llorens Jr.  SS
 Junior Steward Andrew J. Åkers  JS
 Marshall William J. Wunschel Jr., PM  M
 Sentinel Herbert I. Curtis Jr.  Sentinel
 Tyler Al Lariviere
 Trustee Chairman Peter Speight  T1
 Trustee 2nd Chuck Henry, Jr.  T2
 Trustee 3rd Paul Bateson  T3

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