February 2020 Master’s Message


First, I’d like to start by saying congratulations and well done to the Past Masters of Mt. Moriah No. 8, for putting on a stellar Entered Apprentice Degree. When I was initiated into the craft it was also on a Past Master’s Night and It’s a memory I’ve come to treasure as it is something unique to our little country lodge. I also want to recognize our line officers for the excellent job they did with their lectures, I heard countless compliments from those on the sidelines. What a great night full of great ritual and one that our newest Entered Apprentice will never forget. Thank you again to W. Jack Birchell, PM for putting together our PM Line this year and an extra-special thank you to W. Joe Renning, PM, who served as Master for the degree. W. Joe was the Worshipful Master of Mt. Moriah 10 years ago and I’m glad he came out of retirement for the degree, he did a great job!

February is going to be a great month; first up we have one of my favorite Mt. Moriah events, the Annual Steamer Party on Saturday, February 1, 2020. I hope to see you all there for a nice summer treat in this cold cold winter weather! Following this event will be our next Regular Communication on February 7th, 2020. It is R.W. Rick Baccus, DDGM for the Northern District’s official visitation and I’d love to have a good showing for him, both from our Mt. Moriah Brethren in the lodge and also from our visiting brethren, let’s give R.W. Baccus, the large and distinguished suite he deserves!

I hope everyone is also ready for our next two events that are coming up in March. We have our Annual Corned Beef & Cabbage dinner (followed by the very popular attic auction) on March 14, 2020, followed by a new addition this year of an Easter Egg Hunt at Mt. Moriah on March 21, 2020. This event will be an afternoon event for families within the lodge to enjoy, more details will be available soon. Mark your calendars for both events, it’s going to be a great Spring at Mt. Moriah!


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January 2020 Master’s Message


Happy Holidays!

Now that we are halfway through December (as of my writing this), I’m actually starting to feel like the Master of this fine lodge! I never understood why we filled our November and December with so many events, but after going through it as Master, I think those that came before us knew that the best way for a new Master to get comfortable in his new role is to really put him to work right away.

During our very busy November, we also had to purchase gifts for our Adopt-a-Family, plan the Children’s Christmas Party and prepare a program for my first meeting (and not just ANY meeting but the Wetting of the Hat!). No time to relax after the meeting, as the next morning we wake up and throw a Christmas party for the Lodge’s children!

I hope everyone who came out enjoyed the Wetting of the Hat (or maybe I should call it the Wetting of the Wig) and an extra-special thank you to the Rainbow Girls of Warwick Assembly No. 15 who put on a great Fun Degree, I will cherish my dues card forever! I’m also happy to report that the Children’s Christmas Party was a great success, with

musical entertainment from ‘Rock-a-Baby’ who had all of the kids (and some adults) singing and dancing! Also, an extra special thank you to Br. Santa Claus for stopping by and giving gifts to the kids and staying for pictures; I know it’s a busy time of year for you Santa, but we really appreciate it.

I’d also like to give a HUGE thank my wonderful wife Alyssia for all her help these past two months, I really could NOT have done any of it without her and I know our Stewards are already lamenting that she won’t be around to help with the January meeting. It’s all right guys, you’ve got this!

Speaking of our January Meeting, I cannot wait! As many of you know, it is a tradition at our January meeting that our Past Master’s confer the Entered Apprentice Degree on our newest candidates. It’s great to see these gentlemen in action so it’s not a meeting you want to miss (also, if you are a Past Master and are interested in taking part in the degree please contact W. Br. Jack Birchell, PM who is organizing the night for us once again – thank you, Jack!).

Our officer line isn’t getting off scot-free though, as we will also be giving our newest EAs their lectures that night, so come on down for a great night of ritual at MM8!

Lastly, I wanted to let everyone know that due to holidays, I have asked for dispensation to change our meeting date from 1/10/20 to 1/17/20 to allow for more rehearsals. I am also calling a special meeting on 1/14/20 at 6:00 pm for the purpose of balloting on some additional candidates. All are welcome to attend the special, join us afterward for rehearsal, and then refreshments after that. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as well, and I hope to see everyone on the 14th and then again on the 17th of January.


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December 2019 Master’s Message


Happy New (Masonic) Year! First and foremost I’d like to thank everyone who came out to our Semi-Public Installation of Officers on November 1st; it was a very special day for me and my family so Thank You! I hope we can all keep our momentum going and have a great showing at our next meeting on December 6th for the “Wetting of the Hat” where families are welcome to join us. For our program, we will be joined by the Rainbow Girls of Warwick Assembly No. 15 who will be putting on their Fun Degree for us. If you’ve never seen this degree it’s one you

WON’T want to miss; and don’t forget it’s the “Wetting of the Hat”, so the entire night is on the Master!

It’s been a busy month for our new Officer Line. On 11/6/19 we started the morning with our annual Blood Drive resulting in 7 donations saving 21 lives! This is a tough time of year for the RI Blood Center and every little bit counts. Thanks to all who came out even if you were unable to give, your attempt alone helps contribute to a successful drive. An extra special thank you to Br. Andrew Akers, and his daughter Hyacinth, for all their help with breakfast and the event overall, I could not have done it without you! Later that evening we traveled to Friendship Lodge for RWDDGM Rick Baccus’ visitation, which was ANOTHER full house and well attended by MM8 Brothers. It’s great to see the craft so active and I invite all MM8 Brother’s to travel with us in the near future (an Officer can even pick you up on the way if you’d like, just reach out to our Jr. Warden, W. Br. Rowan Gottschalk who will arrange it for you).

We weren’t done yet though! Two days later on Veteran’s Day, a contingent of MM8 brethren headed to Mt. Vernon Lodge for their annual breakfast and then to the Veteran’s Cemetery for the Grand Lodge wreath-laying ceremony put on by our own RW Br. Robert Ellston, SGW, who did an excellent job honoring our Veterans. Then it was off to lunch and the Annual Meeting of Overseas Lodge in their new home at the Scottish Rite Temple for a bit of out of district travel, which is always a good time. The following weekend kicked off Friday Night with the MWGM Kenneth Poyton’s visitation to Manchester Lodge. I always try to make it out to Manchester in Coventry when I’m able, they are one of our fellow “moon lodges” and our meetings often conflict, so it’s a rare treat to get out there and I was thrilled to find another full lodge and enjoyed some great fellowship for a great start to the weekend.

The next afternoon we were off to the Semi-Annual Grand Lodge meeting for the election of Grand Lodge officers. Congratulations to Mt. Moriah’s own RW Robert Ellston for his election to Deputy Grand Master as well as RW Ronald Reed on his re-election to Grand Secretary, an extra special congratulations to our newly affiliated member

W. Stephan Saraidarian on his appointment to the Grand Line as the new DDGM for the Southern District starting this May! The day ended with a great night at the Fall Festival held at the Quidnessett Country Club, where RW Br. Robert Palazzo, JGW put on a great event, they even had a photo booth courtesy of Harmony Lodge! I’m happy to say I made some new friends as well as reconnected with brethren from around our grand jurisdiction I hadn’t seen in some time, I look forward to it every year.

Phew! I’ll say it’s been a great first few weeks as the new WM of MM8, but I couldn’t do it without all of your help and support. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, and I look forward to seeing you all at the next meeting.


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November 2019 Greetings from the West


I’d like to thank everyone who came out to our Step Up Night meeting to see our new officer line in action as we initiated our newest Entered Apprentice. As was said many times that night, everyone’s hard work was apparent as evidenced by a great degree and I’m confident our ritual will only get better as the year progresses. I’d like to give an extra special thank you to W. Lancaster, R.W. Reed, and R.W. Ellston for their guidance and instruction at our weekly rehearsals, we could not have done it without you!

With less than two weeks remaining before our Annual Meeting, I’m finding myself reflecting back on my past years as an officer of Mt. Moriah and I know that these rehearsals are a big part of what makes us who we are as a lodge. I encourage all of you to come by on Tuesday night and see a rehearsal in action. If you can’t make it for 7:00 pm, stop by a little later for some fellowship and refreshment. Remember, if it’s Tuesday night, it’s Mt. Moriah night!

We start our Masonic year quickly after our Annual, starting with the Blood Drive on November 9th. While this is a bit earlier than usual I hope as many brothers who can give can come and do so. The holiday season is fast approaching and the RI Blood Center needs a lot of help around this time of year. Speaking of Holiday Season, the Children’s Christmas Party is also coming up on December 7th, which means it’s time to sign up the kids so we can get the list to the North Pole in time for Santa to make gifts for them all! This year you can sign up with the sign-up sheet hanging on the wall or via email to SANTA@mtmoriah8.org, you can also leave a message on the lodge voice mail and I’m sure Brother Secretary can forward it to the North Pole appropriately (Please provide child’s name and age).

I hope to see you all at the Annual on November 1st and am excited for the upcoming year!


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November 2019 Master’s Message

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Rhode Island Blood Center Visit


L-R. Bob Van Winter, W. Mike Picard, Daniella Loomba


In preparation for the upcoming blood drive.  Ms. Daniella Loomba of the Rhode Island Blood Center introduced  Mr. Bob Van Winter to discuss just how powerful blood and bone marrow donations can be.

Mr. Van Winter discussed his own affiliation with the Rhode Island Blood Center, firstly in 1992 when he signed up as both a bone marrow and blood donor.  Little did he know that in five short years he would be diagnosed with Leukemia.  Quickly, Mr. Van Winter turned from being a donor to a recipient.

Determined to beat his cancer, Mr. Van Winter began to tap into the very resource pool he had willingly donated into.  He estimated that gallons of donated blood must have been consumed by his body as doctors had to constantly extract and replace his cancer stricken blood and platelets.

When he and his doctors were ready to make the final attack on his disease, his body was purged of all of his own cancerous bone marrow.  This is the substance residing in the bones that maintains our healthy blood flow.  Once the very core of his blood system had been purged, a donor’s fresh healthy marrow was introduced to his body.  The new marrow flourished to allow him a second chance on life.

Mr. Van Winter literally looks as this process of being killed and given a second birthday.  Now, as a healthy cancer survivor, he travels as a courier making sure donations of marrow and stem cells travel safely from donor to recipient.  He’s also the chairman of the RI Chapter of the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.

We at Mt. Moriah salute Mr. Van Winter’s valiant effort against this most intangible cancer and wish him the best of luck.  As a result, we encourage all healthy individuals to donate their blood and get their bone marrow compatibility identified.  Events such as our own blood drive scheduled for December 14th allow people the opportunity to do this.

Whether attending the Blood Drive on site at Mt. Moriah, or you wish to later credit your donation to this evening’s talk.  Please give Mt. Moriah’s donor code of 3044 when making a donation.  Both Mount Moriah, the Rhode Island Blood Center, and a very sick individual will thank you for it!


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Posting Galleries

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New Website Launched

Our new website is now launched!

Can’t see or do much? Return to the home page and register.  Or register directly here.  Please note that the email address you register with will need to be verified before gaining access.

Once you’re username is activated you’ll have access to post or make comments.

Coming soon we’ll have the ability to hide content to registered users only, but for now everything posted will be visible (but not editable) by anyone accessing our site.


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New Master and New Website …

Congratulations Mike! … as our new Worshipful Master … you are off

to a fantastic start and congratulations on the great job the committee

has done in completing the new Mount Moriah web site in record time … looks great! …

Jim Lapastora, PM

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