The History of Mt. Moriah Lodge No. 08

1791  –  Grand Lodge of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations instituted

06/25/1804  –  Dispensation granted to form a lodge

10/12/1804  –  First work done – 1st Worshipful Master: W. Moses Aldrich

09/30/1805  –  Duly Constituted as Mount Moriah #8

Separate votes are needed for each advancement and for membership.

Fellowcraft were eligible for membership

Lodge consecration was held at the Catholic Baptist Meeting House. Discourse given by the Rev. John Pitman. Dinner was at the home of Whipple Lovell. Committee to thank Rev. Pitmann, J. Carlisle and Thomas Smith Webb.

1831  –  Grand Lodge was paid $25 to defend Masonry in the State

03/1834  –  Grand Lodge was again paid $25 to defend at trial the anti-masonic memorial in the General Assembly. Proposed suspending the charter of the lodge to the General Assembly.

04/1834  –  Lodge charter was suspended

1850 to 1855  –  Mt. Moriah No. 08’s Semicentennial (50 yr. Anniversary); The WM was Br. Daniel Mowry, P.M.

11/1851  –  Lodge sought to reincorporate.

1852  –  Reaffirmed to continue meeting in this lodge and are not looking elsewhere

1853, 1854, 1855  –  Sought each year to reincorporate as a lodge or as a library

04/17/1863  –  Lodge was advised that hereafter all business was to be done in the Master Mason’s Degree.

05/29/1863  –  Charter was illegally seized by grand lodge

06/02/1863  –  Lodge adopted formal resolution of protest against grand lodge’s actions

09/01/1865  –  Committee formed to procure kerosene lamps to replace candles

01/26/1866  –  Mt. Moriah Corporation meeting voted that at the next regular meeting, steps to be taken to organize as a lodge.

02/07/1866  –  Lodge charter restored, suspended brothers restored. Brothers who where raised during suspension were given obligations of all three degrees.

08/24/1866  –  Authorized purchase of lower hall for $200

02/11/1870  –  Balloting for advancement abolished

03/03/1871  –  Plans made to enlarge second floor to it’s current size

06/02/1871  –  Plans approved

06/30/1871  –  $800 paid to enlarge second floor.

1889 to 1891  –  Rhode Island’s Masonic Centennial (100 yr. Anniversary); Mt. Moriah No. 08’s WM was Br. James Lee, P.M.

06/24/1904  –  Short business meeting commemorating 100 years of the lodge. A celebration was given in the rear building attended by the men of the lodge, members of Grand Lodge, and the “Shuman Wade Quartet” (also masons).

1903 to 1904  –  Mt. Moriah No. 08’s Centennial (100 yr. Anniversary); The WM was Br. Arnold Angell, P.M.

1906 to 1907  –  The WM Term of the First MWGM (MW:. Br. Wilbur Scott, P.M.) to come from Mt. Moriah Lodge No. 08.

1953 to 1954  –  Mt. Moriah No. 08’s Sesquicentennial (150 yr. Anniversary); The WM was Br. Lester D. Kay, P.M.

1990 to 1991  –  Rhode Island’s Masonic Bicentennial (200 yr. Anniversary); Mt. Moriah No. 08’s WM was Br. Stephen Langley, P.M.

2003 to 2004  –  Mt. Moriah No. 08’s Bicentennial (200 yr. Anniversary); The WM was Br. Roger N. Lepire, P.M.

2007 to 2008  –  The WM Term of the Second MWGM (MW:. Br. Robert B. Ellston, P.M.) to come from Mt. Moriah Lodge No. 08.

11/11/2016  –  Elected W. Rowan A. Gottschalk, at the age of 23, as Worshipful Master. W:. Gottschalk became the youngest Worshipful Master in History of Lodge, as well as the History of the State of Rhode Island.

03/28/2020  –  The COVID-19 Pandemic had ravaged the globe and made its way to Rhode Island. MWGMs Kenneth Poyton and Gary Kaufman, to the best of their ability while working within State and Federal guidelines issued by the CDC, led us through this dark and dangerous time. The top three 2019-2020 officers, (WM Br. Matthew Cerullo, P.M., SW Br. J. Ryan McNelis, and JW Br. Rowan Gottschalk, P.M.) all retained their stations through the 2020-2021 term to help ensure a more solidified officer line coming out of this global health crisis. 

05/17/2021  –  Most Worshipful Robert B. Ellston, the second Past Master from Mt. Moriah, had made his ascent into the Grand East as our 166th Most Worshipful Grand Master for the Grand Lodge of the most Ancient and Honorable Society of Free and Accepted Masons for the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. In attendance for the ceremonies on that morning were a number of Brothers, Officers, and Past Masters of Mt. Moriah Lodge to show their support for an incredibly worthy and well-qualified brother. One of MW:. Ellston’s first decrees, in accordance with the then current CDC guidelines, was to open Lodges back to full working order (with the restriction of protective face masks are to still be worn by brothers who haven’t received their COVID-19 vaccinations). With knowing this, the brothers of Mt. Moriah began to work hard to support their Grand Master however they possibly can.